Thursday, April 15, 2010

Allow me to introduce ... Michael Scur

Mike is one of our newest Hotline Advocates, finishing training in the Fall of 2009. He's been working hard to build up his experience but, as you'll see below, his passion for the cause and desire to help are already strong. Mike is a student research assistant at CSU in a trauma research lab. I asked him to make a few more minutes in his schedule to answer a few questions ...

What led you to volunteer with the CRCC?
There’s a phrase in Latin I’ve always been inspired by: Surgo Ut Prosim – I rise that I might serve. I’m fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to study what I’m so passionate about in school, and to have such strong social support like my family (my parents in particular). Because of this, necessity demands I do something positive and important for other people.

Why the CRCC? The personal narratives of survivors ground the work I participate in; it provides a human element that I think can be easily overlooked (even when doing trauma research). Besides, the goal is to apply everything I’m learning to help individuals who suffer from trauma. There’s no point in waiting to get started, and the CRCC has provided a valuable avenue with education in providing support and resources.

What do you find most challenging about volunteering with the CRCC? My fear is that I could have done more in some way. I realize this is out of the scope of the service I provide, but it’s on my mind every now and then.

Do you have a favorite experience as a volunteer?
Volunteer appreciation night: I finally got to see the faces behind the names on my contact roster.
I also really enjoy the varied things Wendy prepares for shift request e-mails! I’m amazed at her creativity sometimes.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not volunteering?
I’m an avid reader. Research articles and blogs mostly. I also eat out A LOT. I have pretty eclectic taste buds. I’ve recently become a Michael Symon fan after B Spot.

What do you do most often to practice self-care?
My roommate keeps things pretty interesting around the house. We have a lot of laughs about random topics – it’s good having that spontaneity and humor in my life. When it’s warmer I like to visit my parents over the weekends and relax around the pond in their backyard. Chocolate is a pharmacotherapy that I think EVERYONE should consider.

Favorites ...
Book: Move Underground
Movie: Laundry (foreign film)
Website or blog: The Last Psychiatrist
Vacation spot: Istanbul
Meal: Imam Bayildi

Also from Mike ...
I can understand that I come off as fairly serious in these questions, especially those regarding CRCC and trauma, but I think I’m speaking in the right tone considering my audience. We all understand how important it is to offer that support when someone is reaching out for it, and to be that compassionate first voice they hear on the phone. While I consider myself still rather new as a hotline advocate, I think I understand the gravitas of the experience at least in a slight way. We’re doing important work. We should all be proud of that fact.

With that said, take care of yourselves. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Wendy emphasized self-care during training and I can’t agree more. I suggest anything from Dr. Seligman or Carl Rogers for reading. Really positive stuff.

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  1. Mike, you really are a super duper awesome person! Even though I never see you any more I'm very glad I met you at LCCC!! I wish you soo much luck and happiness in the future. It takes a special person to do the kind of stuff that you are doing & I'm sure you have been such a blessing to the people on the other end of that phone!