Thursday, September 9, 2010

Allow me to introduce ... Holly Moyseenko Kossover!

Holly's name is one I'm sure you've all seen by now on your shift reminders! Please take just a few minutes to get to know the wonderful person behind the name!

What led you to volunteer with CRCC?
I wanted to give back to the community - my parents have always encouraged this. As a kid I volunteered at a soup kitchen and a local library. I really believe in the CRCC's mission and wanted to help improve my community.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with CRCC?
I enjoy feeling like I am making a difference, even if only in a small capacity. I love the feeling I get when someone calls the Hotline and just wants to thank the CRCC - it doesn't necessarily mean that I helped them personally, but the feeling that I am part of something bigger than just one person that has the ability to make such a difference.

What do you find most challenging about volunteering with CRCC?
Having to keep my opinion and what I would/would not do out of it entirely.

Do you have a favorite experience as a volunteer?
I really like working the CRCC table at festivals (last summer I worked a few hours at the Tremont Arts Fest). It was so cool to be able to meet people who used to work and volunteer at the CRCC, tell people what the CRCC does, etc. I even had a few people pull me aside and tell me their stories, which is sometimes heartbreaking. I had a few people just quickly thank me b/c the CRCC helped them or a friend, which to me is HUGE. Even if I didn't help the person myself, I think it's awesome.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not volunteering?
Sleeping :) I also love to read (I'm in 2 book clubs), playing with my dog (& hoping that she will not jump the fence at the dog park), going to Buckeye Beer Engine, traveling, Rock Band, movies (either movie night out with friends - followed by dinner somewhere or just movies at my friend's house), and checking out new restaurants.

If you had a magic wand and 3 wishes, what would those wishes be?
  1. For there to be no reason for the CRCC to exist (time to find somewhere else to volunteer and sorry about your job, Wendy!).

  2. For college to be free or much more affordable for everyone.

  3. For better medications or a cure for many chronic health issues (there hasn't been a new drug approved for lupus in over 50 years - I know a cure is asking for a lot out of that magic wand, so I'll go for some new meds).
Book: This is always so hard because I love reading. If I had to narrow it down, I'd include The Handmaid's Tale, Jane Eyre, Phaedo (description of the soul is beautiful to me!), anything by Dorothy Parker, and Little Bird of Heaven

Movie: My Life Without Me, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Happy Feet (it's cute and I love penguins)

Website or blog: Obviously the CRCC's, but I also like Livejournal, Jezebel (, Bakerella (, and Facebook

Musician or group: I'm not good at picking just one for anything, so Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Belle & Sebastian, Social Distortion, and Liz Phair

Vacation spot: Cape Cod, Chicago (just a drive away & friends there), Portland, OR, or just staying at home and not having anything to do

Meal: a (black bean) burger at Buckeye Beer Engine or sushi

Sports teams: this is a bad question right now!

Tulip O'Hare: She makes me smile many times daily (that's her job description - and sitting on feet to warm them up)

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