Tuesday, September 14, 2010

U.S. Senate Holds Public Hearing on Failure to Investigate Reports of Rape

from Megan O'Bryan, President and CEO

Dear Friends,

Today, the U.S. Senate will host a hearing on "Rape in the United States: The Chronic Failure to Report and Investigate Sex Crimes." This hearing comes in response to reports that police mishandled rape reports in six cities across the United States, including Cleveland.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center submitted this statement for the public record:

"It is imperative that when someone reports a sexual assault, an officer
responds in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner. It is vital that the
officer indicates that they believe the reporting person and ensures that a
report is filed appropriately. It is also imperative that our criminal
justice system does everything it can to fully investigate and prosecute
Full Statement

Please take this opportunity to write to your Senator and your Representative and encourage them to be present at the hearing.

We encourage you to watch the hearings on this live webcast at 2:15 on Tuesday and to spread the word about this important hearing.

Together, we can raise awareness and use this opportunity to create change on a national level.

Megan O'Bryan
President & CEO

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