Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 Volunteer Award Recipients

It is with great pride that I gave out this year's awards to a group of outstanding volunteers!
Enduring Commitment Award
Eileen Hitch
For the vows you have made and continue to fulfill to serve this organization; for your steadfast assurances of word and deed; for the way you match every promise with devoted action

Compassionate Support Award
Kerry Anderson
For the empathy and grace demonstrated by your work; for the benevolent kindness with which you care for others; for the tender charity you readily extend

Dependability And Consistency Award
Val Anderson
For the solid faith we have in your service; for the trust it is so easy to place in you; for your unwavering connection with the Center

Broad Vision Award
Chioke Barkari
For the expansive nature of your contemplations; for the comprehensive way you face and handle challenges; for your far-reaching involvement with the Center and its related causes

Flexibility Award
Candice Markle
For your strong desire to do what needs to be done whenever it needs to be done; for your willingness to bend your time and energies to the shape and needs of others; for your generous adaptability and supple spirit

Dedication Award
Mike Scur
For your belief in and support of the Center and our Mission; for your willingness to work to support this mission in countless ways; for your abiding allegiance to this agency

Overall Arete Award
Volunteer of the Year
Mandie McCarthy
For your strength, bravery, intelligence and passion, each working to achieve real results; for the unique and irreplaceable effectiveness you bring to the Center; for the long lasting and pervasive outcomes of your talents

Beneficiary Honors
All of the Volunteers who have Served the Agency Mission
Much gratitude and tremendous thanks to all of the Volunteers who have shared their time, energy and spirit. The Center holds your generosity with an open heart. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many.

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