Monday, October 4, 2010

Thanks again to the Greenies!

Some of you may remember a post a few months back acknowledging our volunteers who were doing a great job maintaining or exceeding their hour requirement. I nicknamed them "greenies" because the reports they received detailing their hours are green and I'm otherwise not very clever.

And it's time again to thank a new and outstanding group of GREEN VOLUNTEERS!

Kerry Anderson, Val Anderson, Chioke Barkari, Jillian Carroll, Menaka Chandurkar, Kelsey Cornelius, Lily Cunningham, Erin Davis, Heidi Dobran, Linda Ferris, Pat Fleming, Erika Harper, Eileen Hitch, Angie Ilg, LaToya Jones, Brittany Krotzer, Liz Lierman, Irene Link, Carli Luca, Rachel Mackson, Amanda Maggiotto, Lauren Maline, Candice Markle, Constance Mash, Mandie McCarthy, Alexis Mitchell, Melissa Otero, Lisa Paladin, Sheronda Peterson, Mike Scur, Carli Sidoti, Elyse Sikorski, Hannah Singerman, Heather Tripp, Karla Ullrich, Natalie Wheeler, Elaine Wolan, Tasneem Zaben

Great work and thank you!!

Someone else who is very good at being green

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