Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks to the "Greenies"

We all know that being "green" is a good thing. You are eco-conscious and earth-friendly.

Now being green means something even better!

The following Advocates are considered Greenies because they have met or surpassed the requested number of volunteer hours in the past four months! (The phrase comes from the color of their 4-month report).

A large congratulations to them for their great work. A small congratulations to me for creating a cool new category of Advocates!

Kerry Anderson, Valerie Anderson, Theresa Backman, Chioke Barkari, Janet Boehler, Jillian Carroll, Lily Cunningham, Heidi Dobran, Linda Ferris, Julia Fisher, Patrick Fleming, Sarah Goellnitz, Sylvia Green, Erika Harper, Jacqueline Keene, Holly Kossover, Liz Lierman, Rachel Mackson, Amanda Maggiotto, Mandie McCarthy, Callie Merry, Alexis Mitchell, Debbie Nicholson, Lisa Paladin, Sheronda Peterson, Leslie Quilty, Natalia Rodas, Jill Shankar, Carli Sidoti, Heather Tripp, Karla Ullrich, Natalie Wheeler, Veda Wise, Elaine Wolan, Tasneem Zaben.

A beautiful picture of a golf GREEN! I may be taking this too far ...

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