Friday, February 26, 2010

Astonishing! Unprecedented! Pretty!

You may know that I am not exactly what some would refer to as a "green thumb". Plants in my care can expect a lifespan equivalent to that of a goldfish at the fair - sometimes it's a few days, most often it's a couple weeks and once it was almost a year.

That's why what has just happened in my office is astonishing, unprecedented and also pretty. You see, I inherited an orchid from Jeon the Office Manager. Jeon made this decision with full understanding of the horticultural obstacles I have faced but my office gets much better light than his does.

Look closely at this picture of my office from August. On the table you'll see the orchid with two measly leaves and a stake sticking out of the middle of it. Kind of sad.

Around October leaves started to grow - which in and of itself is a success for me. Not death. And actual proof of life. But then there were blooms! Almost real flowers! I kept my fingers crossed and was prepared for disappointment (this has unfortunately happened before). This is what the orchid looked like yesterday ...
And then this happened ...
Yep. I told you it was astonishing, unprecedented and pretty.

See that there are other blooms in addition to the one flower. This means not only have I managed to grow one blossom but that others may follow. And isn't it great to see something so beautiful in the middle of all this crappy weather?

Now I know that I didn't do this alone and I'm not solely responsible for this success. Mother Nature deserves some acknowledgement. As does Jeon, who remembered to water it while I was out of the office. So thanks to them. But a huge pat on the back to myself!

I wonder if there is room for "Orchid Master" on my business cards ...

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  1. Note to self: do not drink water when reading the CRCC Advocacy blog...

    Thanks for this bit of cheer on a gloomy day!