Friday, February 12, 2010

Thank you Cricket

I want to thank Cricket Rerko for her wonderful presntation on the SANE program.

Cricket offered great information on the realities of working in an emergency room. She talked about how gratifying being a SANE nurse can be but also the struggles and road blocks that the SANE program has over come and still faces.

Cricket also talked about some of the changes she has seen in the SANE program since she has been working there as well as some changes that are planned for the future at Fairview Hospital.

The volunteers and staff that attended the presentation felt that the presentation was useful to them as advocates for survivors of sexual assault.
Comments from some of the attendees:

"The speaker offered helpful information from the perspective of a medical professional, which will help me to be a better advocate."

"An excellent presentation- I think that she did a very through job."
"Good speaker. I'm liking the CE program."

I thought that this was a great presentation and am excited for the presentations we have set up for the rest of the year.

Scheduled Events

March 23rd - Steve from United Way's First Call for Help 211

April 15th - Lydia From the Board of Developmental Disabilities

May 17th - Tracie a Neuroscientist speaking on PTSD and the Brain

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