Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Continued Recognition for Janet Boehler

So you've all seen the great piece on Janet Boehler's hard work for and dedication to survivors of sexual assault. Check out who else appreciates Janet!

Dear Sergeant Boehler,

I was pleased to read in the Chagrin Valley Times that you will be the recipient of this year's Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Arete Award. Congratulations on being chosen for such a prestigious and much-deserved award! I am exceedingly proud of you and the great honor that you have brought to the Village of Moreland Hills.

The services that you provide for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center are invaluable to the people whose lives you touch in such a positive way during times of crisis. It is during times of crisis that we are at our weakest and having a positive source of comfort and security available is priceless. Giving of one's own time in an effort to give back to the community is an honorable quality worth acknowledgement.

Thank you for your continued contributions.

Susan C. Renda
Mayor, Village of Moreland Hills

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