Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you and more info on the Continuing Education Series

Thank You, Tracie Paine

I want to extend a sincere thanks to Tracie Paine for coming and speaking at the May Continuing Education Event. Tracie did a great job of explaining the complexities of the brain to a group that does not specialize in neuroscience. Tracie discussed several interesting topics surrounding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We discussed the prevalence of PTSD, the diagnostic criteria of PTSD, the normal stress response, and then what the stress response looks like in someone who has developed PTSD. I thought it was very interesting that researchers are having trouble figuring out what is cause and effect. Do people have these different biological responses because they have developed PTSD after a stressor, or did they develop PTSD because they already had this different biological responses to the stressor in the first place?

A lot of research still needs to be done on PTSD. Tracie shared that during her research to make this talk geared more towards the CRCC she had trouble finding research on victims of sexual assault. This seemed to be due to the lack of funding of research in this area. A lot of the research funding on PTSD seems to come from the Department of Defense, so most of the research has been done on veterans with PTSD.

So thank you again Tracie for coming and broadening our understanding of what happens to survivors of sexual assault.

Continuing Education Series

While we are on the topic of the Continuing Education Series, I also want to do a general update. The series has really taken off. We continue to receive positive evaluations about the events. Both CRCC staff and volunteers have found this series to be educational and beneficial to their work with survivors. And attendance has been steadily increasing over the course of this series. Tracie was our 5th speaker and we had 18 people in attendance.

I am so glad to know that we have volunteers who are willing to take the time to continue to increase their knowledge around sexual assault and other related topics and am excited that we are able to offer this program to you. We have several super star volunteers who have attended 4 or 5 of the events that have been offered.

We want to continue to grow this program and offer topics that are both interesting and beneficial to our volunteers. I encourage you to continue to email me with suggestions about topics you would be interested in learning more about. I will do my best to continue to provide interesting topics and presenters.

Events Announced

June’s Event has been rescheduled for June 10th. Claire Campbell from therapeutic services will lead us in a self care exercise, share some of her clients' artwork, and be able to speak about her role as the Child and Family Therapeutic Services Coordinator.

The presenter for July’s Continuing Education Event will be Alex Leslie one of CRCC’s very own Prevention Specialist will speak about the Men of Strength (MOST) Club. Alex is the State wide program coordinator of this club which is spreading throughout Ohio. This club works in engaging men and boys to be allies in ending violence against women.

Continuing Education Series 2010
January 25th - Christy - Domestic Violence Center
February 11th - Cricket - a SANE nurse
March 23rd - Steve - 211 First Call for Help
April 15th - Lydia Troha - Department of Developmental Disabilities and SART
May 17th - Tracie Paine - PTSD and the Brain
June 10th - Claire Campbell - Self Care and Art Therapy
July 21st - Alex Leslie - Men of Strength Club
August 31st - TBA
September 20th - TBA
October 20th - TBA
November 18th - TBA

Again, please contact me with any suggestions of topics that you would be interested in hearing more about. If you know you would like to attend the June or July events please RSVP to or 216-619-6194x116.

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