Thursday, June 10, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce ... Heather Tripp

Heather has been both a Hotline and F2F Advocate since the spring of 2007. She has been making me smile ever since!

What led you to volunteer with CRCC?
I came of age as a Riot Grrrl and had been volunteering with NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and various political organizations before I joined the CRCC. The riot grrl thing was mostly a result of looking around a realizing that over half the women and girls I knew had experienced sexual assualt to some degree, and this was before I was even old enough to drink legally. I thought if I got involved politically it would be more beneficial but it turns out I hate politics.

The CRCC gave me a direct way to connect with my community and get involved in a way that I find way more meaningful than arguing about petitions or getting things thrown at me. Don't get me wrong those things are important too and I am extremely grateful for all the folks out there that have the committment and drive to do them!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with CRCC?
I love telling people that I volunteer, and the ensuing dialogue that always results. Busting myths about sexual assualt is really satisfying especially if it helps empower other women.

What do you do when you're not volunteering?
I'm a student and I also work full-time, but my baby is Heavy Metal Science Club. It's exactly what it sounds like, by the way. Imagine "Jackass" but for nerds. Website should be up and running by the end of next week in the meantime you can check us out on Facebook. Currently the first ever Heavy Metal Science Club Science Fair is being planned hopefully for the end of the summer, and I'm looking for volunteers to collect data at metal shows all summer long. If anyone knows any ladies who are really into heavy metal, send them my way! We're doing a study on female heavy metal fans!

Otherwise I'm listening to metal, drinking and yelling at the TV (mostly sports), pretending that I know how to play guitar, sometimes drums, hitting things (baseballs, punching bags, drum kits, I recently discovered golf balls)

If you had a TV show, what would your theme song be? What would the show be about? Who would play you?
Hmmm, I'm a big fan of Mastodon's "Blood and Thunder" but I don't know if my life really has anything in common with all the dramatic turns of a man battling a giant white whale, so...maybe Yo La Tengo's "Little Honda" would be more accurate. For an entire year, people told me I looked like Alyson Hannigan; I don't get it, but maybe if "How I Met Your Mother" gets cancelled she'd be down.

If you had a magic wand and three wishes, what would those wishes be?

Equal rights for everyone.
A natural ability to play musical instruments without ever having to practice.
3 PhD's and a sweet job like Dr. Temperance Brennan on "Bones" and that unicorns were real.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?
Stupidly. I would blow way more money than necessary on stero equipment, records, tattoos, new clothes and season tickets for the Cavs. If I was smart I would invest some of it, buy a truck and a bunch of land in Tennessee, and donate the rest to orphans. And the CRCC!


Movie: There's a ton of movies I love. I really like horror movies, Mel Brooks, and the classics, like "His Girl Friday". I recently saw "The Runaways" and unless you want to see an hour and half long underwear ad featuring little Dakota Fanning, save your money.

Vacation spot: I'm a big fan of Austin, TX although Nashville, TN, Savannah, GA and Chapel Hill are also fun. I love NYC, but who doesn't? Venice Beach in LA is also pretty amazing. The picture above is me and my brother plus travel partner, in Santa Fe. Which sucks by the way.
Meal: My Grandma's fried chicken

Spot in your house: I had a tent in the living room for most of the winter. I live with a bunch of dudes, so I told them it was like the Red Tent, and then they left me and my stereo alone. True story.

Anything else you'd like to share?
A big thank you to all my fellow volunteers and everyone at the CRCC. I am continually impressed and amazed by all of you.

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