Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Great Feedback on the Hotline

I am happy to pass along some great feedback from one of our therapists. Mindy Ghaemaghamy, Family Therapist, has heard so many positive comments about the hotline that she wanted to pass a few of the most common along to all of you.

You do great work. I've always known it - but it's great to see that others appreciate it as well!

A few of my newer clients have commended the hotline and have stated that after calling the hotline they felt safe and comfortable to come here for services and I think it is important for you and your team to know when that happens.

Things that I have heard:
  • The hotline really helped me.

  • The person I talked to on the hotline was really nice.

  • I called the hotline and they didn't judge me.

  • The hotline told me about services that fit my needs.

  • They made me feel better about what happened to me.
Hope this brightens your day and you are just as excited as I am to here what is being said about the hotline and the amazing volunteers that are committing their time to it!


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