Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Introduction from Veda Wise

Please join me in welcoming Veda Wise who will be working alongside all of you as the new staff Face to Face Advocate! A few words from Veda ...

Previous experience in the field of education, social services and community outreach has made me aware of the need for community social change.

As a domestic violence advocate trainee and F2F Advocate volunteer, I have experienced the power of support and the importance of a dedicated team. As I recall my classmates from the CRCC training, I remember looking forward to each class. Classmates attended each class; some retired, some college students and some were just tired ... but dedicated. I also enjoyed learning something new each evening and the energy generated by others who enjoy serving. Some of you may really be able to relate to my experience or you may think I'm really weird. Either way, I believe everyone would agree that providing support services as a volunteer is needed and very rewarding!

As I accept the challenge of filling the position of Face to Face Advocate, I am excited about the opportunity to serve along with the staff and volunteer team of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. I would consider this a journey of continuous learning and I am looking forward to meeting other classmates (volunteers and staff) as we learn together and strive toward a goal to renew hope.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving along with you!

Veda Wise

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