Thursday, July 8, 2010

Allow me to introduce ... Pat Fleming

I'd like everyone to learn a bit about Pat Fleming. Pat shot to CRCC fame in April when he developed the analogy of scheduling hotline shifts to playing a game of Battleship! Pat is one of our newer Advocates, completing his hotline training this past fall, but he's already made quite an impact both on the program and in the lives of survivors.

What led you to volunteer with CRCC?
I was a peer educator at Miami University presenting to males on campus (specifically fraternities and athletes) about sexual assault, prevalence, and their role in preventing it/supporting friends who experienced it. After moving to Cleveland I really wanted to stay involved in the area and learn how I can better serve the community.

Pat is pictured above with his sisters

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with CRCC?
Besides Wendy's e-mails telling me that I got all the shifts I requested from her ... letting callers know that they're not along with whatever they're dealing with and there's always someone available to try and help.

What do you find most challenging about volunteering with CRCC?
Besides dealing with the rejection Wendy dishes out when I request a 6-10 shift my peers have already snatched up ... I guess I would say the nature of now knowing what happens next for a caller, because you can have a great talk with someone and they may seem totally eager to call up the referral you gave them, but there's no way of knowing for sure if they follow through with it so it can leave you feeling a bit incomplete - but that's the nature of it!

What do you enjoy doing when you're not volunteering?
I love watching and playing sports!! I always have high hopes for Cleveland sports teams. I'm also very active in youth ministry at my church and even helped start/coach our girls' basketball team. Otherwise, I love hanging out with my friends, having hilarious life experiences and trying new beers. I also enjoying ragging on Wendy for being a Steelers fan.

What do you do most often to practice self-care?
Working out and video games.

If money wasn't an issue, describe your ideal vacation.
I studied abroad for a semester in college and had the best 5 months of my life. I would do that again (minus the studying) and travel Europe and the Middle East. I managed to get all over Europe but there's still so much I want to explore. The Middle East's history is so vast and interesting - I haven't had a chance to explore it at all yet! I'd like to bring some of my friends so I've got someone to take pictures with me and translate!

Favorites ...
Book: Rainbow 6 by Tom Clancy, After Silence by Nancy Venable Raine
Movie: The Dark Knight and The Departed
Website or blog:
Vacation spot: Ireland or anywhere with friends
Meal: Prime rib, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad
Spot in your house: Couch (haha!)
Sports teams: Desperate Cleveland sports fan and huge Notre Dame Irish fan too

Pat (standing, second from left) with friends during a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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