Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poker Festival Volunteer Positions

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in the Nautica Charity Poker Festival fundraiser we're running on Tuesday, August 17th and Wednesday, August 18th!

I'm getting very excited to, not only make money, but to see everyone and have a good time!

I wanted to give everyone a sense of what we'll all be doing at the festival - working hard for our money but also enjoying ourselves!

Dealers - The dealer position is the easiest and most vital of all positions - without dealers there is no card playing and without card playing there is no money to be made! Dealers hand out cards to the players. That's about it! Each table features an automatic shuffler so the dealer just pulls the top card off the shuffled pile. Players all receive the same number of cards each hand so there's no need to "hit" or "split" or "stand" or anything else that can get confusing. Dealers have nothing to do with bidding do not determine who wins each hand - the players are all very aware of who wins and that player takes their chips. Then the next hand starts. Easy peasy!
Scheduler/Registration - Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been told there was a wait? They take your name and ask you to hang out for awhile until your table is ready. That's essentially what these volunteers are doing - creating a list of those who want to play and, when there are enough interested players, sending them to the correct table. It's basic computer skills and, if you're lucky, a bit of work on the microphone!

Table Monitor - These volunteers are on their feet and taking it all in! In addition to being able to watch the exciting play, they are also keeping their eyes out for open seats that could be filled or running chips if someone needs more money.

Floor Supervisor - In the movies, these are the pit bosses who wear expensive suits and always have their arms crossed in front of their chests. For our event, these are the volunteers who are making sure everything is going smooth, making sure the dealers have everything they need and offering breaks if a dealer needs one. They may cross their arms in front of their chests but will be wearing a much cooler CRCC volunteer t-shirt (free to all event volunteers!).

Tournament Assistants - There are two types of play at the festival - one is Texas Hold 'Em where players win or lose at the end of each hand. The other is Texas Hold 'Em where players are in a tournament and put in a bunch of money at the beginning and keep playing until the run out of money or win everyone's money! These volunteers will help get the tournaments started and assist in making sure they're moving along.

Cage Volunteers - Don't worry - it's not nearly as bad as it sounds! These volunteers collect the money boxes from the tables each hour, calculate the amount of money coming in from each table and record this with the official auditor. This happens in a "cage" which is essentially just a small office. I'll have to work on that title ...

Miscellaneous - As always, there are odds and ends that will need attention throughout the course of the event!

Clearly there are a lot of things to be done and a lot of volunteers needed to keep things running.

The more volunteers we have, the smoother things go, the faster cards are played, the more fun we all have and the more money we make!

If you are interested in volunteering and have not yet done so, please get in touch with me at or (216)619-6194 x119. Remember you do not need to be an active volunteer with the CRCC so anyone can volunteer and bring some friends or family along with you!

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