Monday, July 12, 2010

"Keep Up the Fantastic Work!"

Hi! My name is Rebecca Walker and I am the Non-Profit Management Intern here at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. I do things from writing thank you letters to helping design t-shirts for future CRCC events.

I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to help out around here where I can because I truly believe that this is an incredible place and resource for those affected by sexual violence.

One of my best friends was a client at the CRCC last year and she recently sat me down to tell me about her experience here.

She told me about her art therapy sessions and her talks with different members of the staff. Reflecting on her experience here, she spoke of how kind and accepting everyone at the center was towards her, and how she was finally able to understand that the actions of the man who sexually assaulted her were not her fault. She was able to break free from the guilt and shame she felt.

She told me that the CRCC saved her life, and she doesn’t know where she would be today without the staffs’ help and support.

It’s great to be able to do little things around here to help out staff members, but what makes it even better is knowing how much the CRCC does for its clients. Keep up the fantastic work!

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