Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CRCC Educators - Out in the Schools!

from Sondra Miller, Director of Education, Outreach and Community Partnerships

Classroom Presentations for Middle and High School Students

School is back in session and CRCC’s prevention specialist Brian Dodyk is back in action. Brian spends his days inside middle and high school classrooms talking to teenagers and pre-teens about preventing sexual violence.

We strive to present in a high school classroom for 5 days about related topics because we know that the more we can reinforce messages about healthy relationships, the more effective we can be at preventing assaults. Sometimes a teacher can only give us 3 days and sometimes only 1 day in a classroom - and we are grateful for every opportunity to talk about this issue!

For high school students, we cover rape myths and facts; the difference between consent, coercion and assault; characteristics of healthy relationships; and what bystanders can do to prevent sexual violence. Of course, we do this in a fun, interactive way that engages students in the discussion.

The language in our middle school classrooms is tamed down a little to make sure it is age appropriate, but we cover some of the same material over the course of three days. We emphasize the differences between sexual harassment vs. flirting and the characteristics of healthy relationships.

The good news is that Brian’s schedule is already packed with requests from teachers. In the next few weeks, he’ll be visiting:

• Euclid High School
• Harding Middle School (Lakewood)
• Responsible Sexual Behavior Program at MLK HS (CMSD)
• Valley Forge HS
• Parma Sr. HS
• John Marshall HS (CMSD)
• St. Joseph Academy
• North Olmsted HS
• Independence HS
• Shaker Heights HS

Do you want to sit-in on a classroom presentation?

Guests are welcome if you’d like to observe. Let me know if you’d like to come and I can let you know when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

Can you help us open doors to new classrooms and school districts?

Don’t see your school district on this list? We’re always trying to connect with new teachers and school administrators who are interested bringing this information to their students. There is NO COST to teachers or schools, as this program is funded by the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund and Ohio Department of Health.

If you would like to know whether CRCC is presenting in your school district, contact Sondra Miller at sondram@clevelandrcc.org or x 114.

If you can connect us with a teacher or school administrator to introduce this program, please let us know! Sometimes a call from a parent or concerned citizen/taxpayer in the district goes farther than a call from CRCC.

Did CRCC visit your classroom?

Let us know if you have a memory of a CRCC educator visiting your school. I grew up in a rural area where “sexual violence didn’t happen,” so I never heard presentations like these in the early 90s. I’m surprised by comments from our college student interns who did experience presentations from CRCC educators and assume that happens in every school district (I wish!).

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