Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks from Care Alliance

Sondra Miller, our Director of Outreach, Education and Community Partnerships, recently spoke at Care Alliance Health Center. Care Alliance is the leading provider of primary health care and comprehensive dental services to individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness, living in public housing, and uninsured or underinsured. It looks like they were definitely appreciative of the information as, unfortunately, I'm sure they see survivors of sexual assault with reasonable frequency.

I'm sure you'll also join me in thanking Care Alliance for the amazing work they do as well!

Dear Ms. Miller,
On behalf of Care Alliance Health Center, I thank you for the informative presentation you gave our staff last week. I received wonderful feedback from many members of our staff, both clinical and administrative. Personally, I feel far better prepared for the next time that one of my clients confesses that he or she is the victim of an assault. Unfortunately, I have had many occasions to respond to such statements from the patients that I work with, including one man. In the past, I had recommended your organization but I was not confident that I was responding appropriately. You can imagine how empowered I feel now that I have been educated through your training.
I have advised our medical director that more intensive and detailed training can be arranged for our clinical staff. Perhaps that will be a request in the future. For now, I once again thank you for the education and your time.
Beth Boyette

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