Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Coverage from Channel 5

Please see below for some more great media attention from WEWS Channel 5 - a great way to increase awareness about the issue as well as our services and especially our hotline!!

There is a video if you link to their website but unfortunately I wasn't able to view it - hopefully you'll have better luck!

Domestic Violence Agencies Work To Meet Increased Demand

CLEVELAND -- The economic downturn may be contributing to an upturn in violence against women, and local women's agencies are working to meet the increased demand for their services.

Catherine Moore is a survivor, but she hasn't forgotten the violence she faced at the hands of a former boyfriend.

"Pinching, scratching and biting … he would hold me down and have sex with me when I said I didn't [want to]," Moore said.

Moore's story is not uncommon in the recovery groups at the Women's Center of Greater Cleveland.

Executive Director Mary Jane Chichester said violence against women has increased over the past few years.

At the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, calls about recent sexual assaults are up 50 percent over last summer -- not necessarily pointing to more rapes, but perhaps women are seeking help in greater numbers.

"Ninety percent of our clients are victimized by someone they know and trust," said Executive Director Megan O'Bryan.

O'Bryan said controlling behavior and isolation from friends and family are among the signs to look for.

Moore wants to see the numbers drop, and she's encouraging women to speak out.
"There's other people who can share it with you. You can make it through. You can make it though," she said.

Like Moore, counselors want the violence to stop and they're going into schools around the area to talk to students, trying to prevent problems before they happen.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, there is a 24-hour hot line you can call for help. The number is 216-619-6192.

You can also go to or

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