Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009 By the Numbers

As I wrap-up statistics, reports and files from the calendar year of 2009 I am astounded by the amount of work you've all done! Check out the following:

Number of survivors, secondary survivors and community members served through the hotline: 3,174

Number of survivors served in local hospitals and police departments: 144

Number of secondary survivors helped through F2F response: 142

Increase in the number of requests received for F2F program in 2009 over 2008: 40%

Add them all up and it's 3,460 points of service provided by the CRCC's Advocates!

So these are our numbers for 2009 - numbers you should all be extremely proud of. But take a moment to think about the people behind these numbers ...

  • The teenage girl assaulted by a friend who doesn't have anyone to believe or support her

  • The mother who is outraged that her child was assaulted and wants to seek her own justice

  • The teacher who had a student disclose to her and isn't sure what to do or where to go to help the student

  • The developmentally delayed boy who doesn't understand what the medical examination will consist of

  • The woman who was assaulted years ago by a stranger and has been dealing well with what happened until she received a letter that her perpetrator has been identified by law enforcement

  • The father who blames himself for not preventing the assault of his young children

  • The young girl who doesn't understand why her perpetrator wasn't arrested and tried immediately like on television

  • The woman confused that she can't remember anything at all that happened last night but a friend walked in and witnessed her assault

  • The elderly woman who had to reach out and hear someone's voice to help her through the night

  • and 3,451 other acts of service you've performed!

A well-deserved round of applause for all of you!

From the bottom of my heart and behalf of all those you've helped, THANK YOU!

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  1. Reading the examples imparts a level of gravitas to those numbers.