Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

With the confetti settling on the floor and the champagne glasses in the dishwasher, it's that time of year again where we make New Year's resolutions.

My list is usually pages and pages long full of incredibly specific things like "I will not let the gas light come on in my car because I am dangerously low on fuel at any point this year" or "I will no longer listen to Justin Timberlake at the gym but will instead spend the time doing something more useful like watching CNN or learning how to speak a foreign language". Yeah. I'm sure you can imagine how successful these lists are.

But here's the good news! Sarah, Kate and I sat down and each came up with one resolution for the Volunteer Programs at the CRCC for 2010. And they're goals that are relevant and highly achievable - not like the gas in my car issue. So, drumroll please ...

Sarah: I am going to start some new exciting programs for volunteers at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Including a continuing education program for volunteers! More info on that later.

Kate: I am going to debrief and support each F2F Advocate the day following their response to a hospital or police department.

Wendy: I am going to do a better job of recognizing the hard work you all do and acknowledging the time and energy you donate to survivors of sexual assault and the superior services you provide.

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