Thursday, January 28, 2010

Continuing Education Program with the DVC

Thank you so much to Christy from the Domestic Violence Center (DVC) for coming out and speaking with us and thank you to the volunteers for attending.

It was a great evening with lots of information, discussion, and participation.

Christy discussed issues surrounding Domestic Violence and services that are offered through the DVC. She spoke about their 24-Hour Hotline, Shelter Services, Youth Programming, Justice System Advocacy, Community Support Groups, Therapeutic Services, Supervised Visitation Sessions, and all of their services are also available in Spanish.

If someone calls the hotline looking for more information about any of these resources please refer them to the DVC's 24-Hour Hotline 216-391-4357.

The volunteers who attended the event had some good suggestions and resources surrounding this topic. The books Why Does he Do That? By, Lundy Bancroft and The Macho Paradox by Jackson Katz were suggested as good reads to give a little bit more insight into the psychology of an abuser. It was also shared that Legal Aid is able to help individuals get TPOs if they fall within the financial guide lines.

Again thank you to everyone who attended this event. We got a lot of great feedback about events that people would be interested in having in the future. I look forward to meeting more of you at future events.

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  1. Kudos to you, Sarah, for developing the ongoing Continuing Education Program for volunteers and staff! Monday night was GREAT, and this program is such a wonderful opportunity for our team of Advocates to continue to support, dialogue and learn with one another!