Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

With Black Friday quickly approaching and your shopping lists growing longer and longer, there’s one item that you can cross off your lists right now – a new CRCC stainless steel water bottle!

In case you missed the Volunteer Recognition Event, or you came and were heavily participating in the activities and forgot your gift, we have stainless steel water bottles for each of you. These water bottles are truly one of a kind, and the gift that keeps on giving each time you take it with you to the gym, in the car, on the bus, to a F2F request or use it to wet your pallet during a hotline shift.

Beginning Monday, stop on by the CRCC during business hours to pick up your water bottle and say hello! When you come on in, Jeon will greet you with a smile and Elvis with a croak and you can say howdy to the rest of us as well. Plus, this one stop shopping opportunity will allow you to replenish your supply of hospital bags and CRCC literature! If you’re in a hurry and unable to park your car, but you really want your water bottle, you’re more than welcome to wait in the street and we’ll speedily deliver your water bottle to you.

Thanks for all that you do! Come and get your CRCC stainless steel water bottle while supplies last!

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