Saturday, November 14, 2009

Volunteer Appreciation Event - Amazing Give Aways!

We've already given you several great reasons to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Event - beautiful invitations, amazing water bottle favors, relaxing activities, free parking, lots and lots of food, convenient location and, of course, great company!

But just in case those weren't enough, here's a few more ...

Two amazing gift baskets from Bath and Body Works will be raffled off to 2 attendees. These are great items - and totally in keeping with the theme of "Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore." The first is a stress relief basket that has bubble bath, body lotion, pillow mist and a candle all with the relaxing scent of eucalyptus spearmint. Since this basket has been in my office for a few days, I can tell you the scent is amazing!

The second basket is designed to give you an energy boost - and who doesn't need a bit more energy?! That one also has bubble bath, body lotion and an aromatherapy bottle scented with orange ginger and gauranteed to give you a jolt healthier than a can of Red Bull!

We also have another very special gift basket and this one will be awarded to the volunteer who brings the best contribution to the potluck (we decided on a ballot system, although I was personally willing to extensively sample each entry). This basket is from Hummingbird Creations and was donated from the local woman who makes these natural and homeopathic items by hand. It features soap, face scrub, shampoo, eye cream, bath teas and more. It's been tough to keep my hands off this one!

And, last but not least, we will have 20 free Cavs tickets to give away. First come first serve. Yes. That's right. They are Cavs tickets that are $0. Actually, it's even better than that because they come with a $5 coupon for food. The tickets are good for Tuesday's evening game (11/17). Amazing, right?

I see LeBron saying to Shaq, "I sure wish we would've been invited to the CRCC Volunteer Appreciation Event." Shaq clearly agrees.
See you on Monday!!

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