Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Volunteer Appreciation Event - Just 5 Days Away

Make a night of it!
Still not sure if you're going to be able to make it to the Volunteer Appreciation Event (VAE) on Monday? Well here's some more info that will make you demand your boss give you the night off and that your friends and significant other clear their schedules!

As you know, parking is being paid for by the CRCC for the event. That's free downtown parking! That never happens! It's more rare than a week without any e-mails from me! Or a winning season for the Browns. So take advantage of it! We're walking distance from E. 4th Street - where you can definitely find something to enjoy!

The Browns are playing Monday Night Football against the Ravens. Stop by the VAE to load up on some yummies and get those shoulders rubbed before heading over to watch the game (and get those shoulders all tense again!) at Flannerys and drown your sorrow with a pint!

Not a football fan? Swing by Lola, Michael Symon's restaurant, to check out the atmosphere and the local place that's received international attention! (If Michael Symon happens to be there, please get me his autograph. I'm overly impressed with anyone who's been on TV!).
Going to be with a group of friends? Try The Corner Alley where you can bowl in shoes that are much more stylish (and sanitary) than the usual bowling rentals, play pool, throw some darts, or check out what's on any of their bazillion TV sets!

Got some work you need to take care of? The Erie Island Coffee Company will keep you caffeinated and you can finish those pesky assignments with a great view of all that's going on.

So, we want you to have a great time at our event but we want you to enjoy the entire evening! Join us at the new office and make a night of it!

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