Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Development Coordinator

from Rebecca Bash, Development Coordinator

As in all small to medium sized non profits, we are all required to wear a number of different hats. As the development coordinator at CRCC, I am responsible with assisting the Director of Resource Development in raising funds so that CRCC can continue to provide the wide range of services, free of charge, to the community. Fundraising consists of writing grants, developing and cultivating relationships with the community and with funders, and providing behind the scenes support for the Center itself.

My day consists of meeting deadlines (yikes!), writing (that’s why this blog is so short, sorry!) and helping out with whatever projects (crises) come my way.

I started in this position in late July-prior to that I worked in development for Cleveland Public Theatre (quite a transition, I know). It’s amazing to me to see the high level of teamwork and support my coworkers and the volunteers provide to each other-even as the Center grows, crises occur and the community changes.

As development coordinator, I am honored to be a part of CRCC’s mission statement and part of the team!

I’ve included a picture of my office- I’m typically surrounded by stacks of paper, to do lists and coffee!!!
(Notice that on the day Becky took this picture she had both coffee and Diet Coke!
She's staying caffeinated!)

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