Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift Wrapping Results

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped with the Gift Wrapping at Barns and Noble. I had a great time and was happy to meet so many of the volunteers.

I have some great news about the results of our time wrapping gifts. We answered questions about the services provided by CRCC and several people took CRCC brochures and information about volunteering at the Center. We also raised $398.42 for programs at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center!! This money can provide:
  • A one hour art therapy session to a child survivor of rape or sexual abuse

  • An education and rape sensitivity workshop for police officers


  • Two girls an opportunity to participate in a day-long empowerment and self esteem program

Thank you again to those who helped to wrap gifts:

Lauren Au
Lisa Berg
Chris Echard
Laura Gill
Kelly Hatgas
Ryan Knotts
Melanie Lauricea
Mandy McCarthy
Erin Roberts
Heather Tripp
Clarice Williams

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  1. Way to go, Sarah and "wrappers" - this is phenomenal!!