Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift Wrapping for CRCC

Hello Volunteers,

I have news of an exciting and different way to help out the CRCC! We have been invited back to the Woodmere Barnes and Noble Store to participate in their gift wrapping program. During the holiday season, Barnes and Noble has a table set up in the store where people can get their books wrapped, and the organization wrapping gifts keeps any money raised during that time.

We are also able to provide information about the CRCC at this table. This gives us the opportunity to publicize CRCC’s services.

Since this is our second year participating, we have been given better hours working the table which means we will need more help. We are looking for 2-3 volunteers per shift. Don’t worry if you are not great at wrapping gifts - most of what we are wrapping are books, and they are pretty easy to wrap. Plus, we will also need help with other things at the table. We need people to wrap gifts, people to help with donations, and of course, something I know you are all good at, people to talk about CRCC’s services.

We still need help on Wednesday 12/16 for the 1pm-4pm shift and the 4pm-7pm shift. I plan on being at all of the shifts and look forward to meeting you in person!!

The Barnes and Noble is: 28801 Chagrin Boulevard / Woodmere, OH 44122

Let me know if you’re available to help out at THANKS!

Just a few examples Wendy wrapped up quickly for the blog ...

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