Thursday, April 1, 2010

Allow me to introduce ... Elyse Sikorski

I'd like to introduce everyone to a wonderful Hotline Advocate, Elyse Sikorski!

Elyse has been a volunteer since Fall 2008 and is still finds time to volunteer despite also being a graduate student in Mental Health Counseling at Kent State. I asked Elyse for a few more minutes of her time ...

What led you to volunteer with the CRCC?
As an undergraduate at John Carroll University, I was involved with Take Back the Night, the Vagina Monologues and was part of a feminist group on campus as well, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to help more. A friend told me about being a hotline advocate ... and well, here I am!

Do you have a favorite experience as a volunteer?
My favorite experience was when I was in training and I got to know all these wonderful people who had the same desire to help make this world a better place and to take a big step towards ending violence against women.

What do you find most challenging about volunteering with the CRCC?
What is most difficult for me is when the conversation between me and the caller ends, I wonder what is going to happen to her/him or if she/he is going to seek counseling, etc? Or what lies ahead for her/him?

What do you do most often to practice self-care?
I have started doing yoga, which helps. I also like to call a friend to better my day or I just put on an episode of "Glee" to laugh.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not volunteering?
I like to read, drink lots of coffee (or any caffeinated beverage for that matter), be with friends and family, and I enjoy seeing movies at the Cedar Lee!!

If you had a TV show, what would your theme song be? What would the show be about? Who would play you?
I do not know what song would be played all I know is that the case of Glee would be singing my theme song and Meryl Streep would play me ... you know because we look so much alike! Or maybe Kristen Chenoweth because she is beautiful, talented and short like me (so we have a deep connection right there).

Favorites ...
Book: Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti
Movie: (500) Days of Summer
Music: The Weepies
Vacation spot: Chautauqua, New York
Sports teams: Umm hello, the Indians!!

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