Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Safe Project

CRCC and others are partnering with Parent 2 Parent Network to host free programming for parents, professionals and teens.

Critically acclaimed programs presented by Mike Domitrz - author, expert and parent of teenagers. Using his down-to-earth, funny and blunt approach Mike provides parents, students, schools and professionals with real solutions to tough conversations on dating, intimacy and sexual assault. During his powerful presentations you will go from laughing at your own silly past attempts of "trying to talk to teens" to emotional moments of discovering how to precisely say what you really want teenagers to know about dating.

Help! My Teen is Dating: Real Solutions to Tough Conversations
For parents only - you will learn:
  • How to start the talk and get your teen to listen.
  • Three questions to reveal your teen's dating maturity.
  • What to say to your teen's date.
  • How to discuss dangers from alcohol to sexual assault.
  • Tips to fun and safer dating
May 4th at 7:00pm / Westlake Performing Arts Center / 27830 Hilliard Blvd / Westlake

Train the Trainer
For counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists - you will earn 1 free CEU and learn:
  • How to take a simple approach to tough questions.
  • How to facilitate thought-provoking conversations on sexual assault and other teen education subjects.
May 4th at 2:00pm / Trinity Commons / 2200 Euclid Ave / Cleveland
(free parking at corner of Prospect Ave and E. 22nd, enter off Prospect)

Can I Kiss You?
For teens, parents, counselors and social workers (earn 1 free CEU) - teens will learn:
  • How to take action in their own lives and in the lives of the people around them.
  • How to set the norm for respectful behavior in their relationship.
  • Why "asking first" makes all the difference.
  • How to respect a partner's choice.
  • Putting to rest the mystery and myths about dating.
May 5th at 7:00pm / The Mandel Jewish Community Center Stonehill Auditorium / 26001 South Woodland Rd / Beachwood

For more info about the programs above contact Parent to Parent Network at (440)666-8234, or visit

Learn more about Mike's programs and educational materials at

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