Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You

When others learn of the work that I do, I am sometimes met with a puzzled look and comments such as "Wow, that must be a really depressing job!" or "Why are you in that line of work?" I know that you, too, are probably often met with similar comments when people learn that you volunteer with the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. We have all been drawn to the Movement for different reasons, and working to end sexual violence is what unites each of us.

I have enjoyed getting to know you through your volunteer work at the Center, and I am truly honored to work with such a committed group of women and men who believe in the cause and daily advocate for sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. The work that you do is hard work and heavy on the heart. Thank you for saying yes to becoming a volunteer with the CRCC. Thank you for answering the Hotline when it rings, not knowing the life you will be touching on the other end of the line. Thank you for responding to face-to-face requests at hospitals and police stations, no matter the time of day or season of weather. Thank you for your assistance with CRCC trainings and events, never hesitating to lend a helping hand in time of need.

Thank you. For all that you do. Know that you have my support and admiration, and I appreciate you and am here for you.

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