Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Indians Tickets!

We are very excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to receive free tickets to the Cleveland Indian’s. Business Volunteer Unlimited (BVU) is offering 2 free tickets to a Cleveland Indian’s Game. BVU designed this program to promote and celebrate volunteerism in our community.

In order to qualify volunteers must register with BVU and log their 20 or 24 hours of service at their website. Hours in March will qualify you for this event as long as at least 4 of those hours were volunteered after March 15th and all hours must be logged before September 23rd.

Directions on Registering at BVU

Once you have completed your hours for the month Register with BVU and Log your hours in order to qualify.

To register with BVU visit on the bottom left click on the Get Started button. You will be brought to a new page, find the section that says Volunteer Login and click on the link Not Registered? Sign up now.

Register with your information (*be sure to enter in the correct mailing address when you fill out your profile so that once you complete your hours BVU is able to send you the voucher to the correct mailing address). Hit next and then click the link to Search for volunteer opportunities.

Enter the key word Rape with the zip code 44114 and hit search. Click on the program you will be completing your hours in. You will be brought to a new page.

At the bottom click on the link Log your hours online. There will be two boxes Select Number of Hours and Select Date leave those boxes empty.

Fill in the next section choosing the first date of the month that you volunteered and the last date of the month that you volunteered and enter how many hours you volunteered during that time. Select the Individual option and then click Okay and your volunteer hours have been submitted!!!

I will verify your hours and send a letter to BVU letting them know that you qualify for the free tickets.

I do not know how long it will take for BVU to send out the vouchers for the free tickets once you have completed your hours so don't wait until right before the game you want to see before logging your hours.

Volunteers will receive a Ticket voucher that may be redeemed for two tickets at one of the following dates: Friday, April 16, 2010; Saturday, April 17, 2010; Sunday, April 18, 2010; Friday, April 30, 2010; Sunday, May 02, 2010; Monday, May 03, 2010; Tuesday, May 04, 2010; Friday, May 07, 2010; Monday, May 24, 2010; Tuesday, May 25, 2010; Monday, June 07, 2010; Friday, June 11, 2010; Tuesday, June 15, 2010; Thursday, June 17, 2010; Monday, June 28, 2010; Tuesday, June 29, 2010; Thursday, July 01, 2010; Friday, July 16, 2010; Tuesday, July 27, 2010; Friday, August 06, 2010; Tuesday, August 10, 2010; Tuesday, August 24, 2010; Sunday, August 29, 2010; Tuesday, August 31, 2010; Thursday, September 23, 2010. Dates

If you have any questions about this opportunity please feel free to contact me, Sarah, at or 216-619-6194x116.

We are still participating in Disney’s Give a Day Get a Day event. For more information on that visit our Disney’s Give a Day Get a Day Post.

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