Monday, March 1, 2010

Your Comments - Whoops!

So we all make mistakes. And the learning curve of going from technological neophyte to blogger is pretty steep!

In reaction to your feedback of some difficulty leaving comments, I looked into the issue a bit further. Turns out, when I set up the blog I had programmed some pretty strict parameters for people to be able to leave comments.

I've corrected my mistake and now anyone can leave a comment providing just your name (you don't have to have or create any type of other account).

Here's the easy peasy steps:
  1. At the bottom of each post you'll see who posted the piece, what time and then "0 comments" (or "1 comment" if there was 1 comment ... I think you can take it from there!).
  2. Click on "0 comments" and a box will appear that says "post a comment".
  3. Type your comment in here.
  4. Click on "comment as" below the text box
  5. If you have any of the listed accounts (Google account, WordPress) you can sign in here.
  6. If you do not have any of these accounts you can click on "Name/URL" or "Anonymous"
  7. For Name/URL you can enter your name (first and/or last) and leave the URL blank or include it if you have a website or blog of your own
  8. For Anonymous, nothing else needs to be entered
  9. Then hit "Post Comment"
  10. You will be asked for a word verification - just type in the word you see provided

Your comment won't appear immediately. I moderate all comments, which means I have to approve it before it can appear on the site (this way I can block anything inappropriate or spammy). As soon as I verify the comment, it will be posted.

So a big whoops for accidentally making this so hard! Things should be pretty straightforward now but please let me know if you have any questions or problems!

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