Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GKB - Info and Volunteer Opportunties

from Mindy Ghaemaghamy, Family Therapist

Girls Kick Butt began in 1998 as a prevention program for adolescent girls. The purpose of Girls Kick Butt is to teach knowledge, skills, and attitudes that can help prevent sexual assault to girls ages 12-18.

The main goals of GKB are to build self esteem, reduce young women’s risk of sexual violence, and teach healthy behaviors. We work very hard to create an environment where girls will not only feel physically safe but emotionally safe as well. This is a place where girls can ask questions and not be judged, ridiculed, humiliated, or belittled. Girls are not expected to share their story or even disclose whether they are a sexual assault survivor. Further, you do not have to be a survivor to attend the conference.

The conference is a free all day event that is offered on 10 Saturdays a year from 9:30-4:30. GKB offers sessions on several topics and the content is different each month to keep it interesting for participants who attend the conference more than once. Our main focus for programming is rape awareness which includes activities that address: communication, reducing your risk of sexual assault, myths vs. facts, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to be supportive of someone who is a sexual assault survivor and many other topics. An additional topic of focus is Women’s health issues which includes a presentation from an expert who may address topics such as puberty, drugs and alcohol, positive body image, STD’s and birth control, and breast cancer awareness. We also always have a self-esteem building art activity as part of the day and we offer other fun activities such as: videos with facilitated discussion; cultural awareness, career awareness, role plays, music, poetry, yoga, and dance.

We get very positive feedback about the program from the girls who attend and from their parents and guardians.

Our next conference will be on March 6, 2010 here at CRCC and we have two big conferences coming up that allow 40 girls to participate on the following dates:

  • April 10th at Flora Stone Mather Center of Goodrich Gannett Center
  • April 24th at Pilgraim Congregational Church

We are always looking for volunteer help. If you have volunteered at previous conferences and would like to volunteer again, please feel free to contact Stefanie Workman (x105) or Mindy Ghaemaghamy (x110).

If you have never volunteered but would like to volunteer and help with some upcoming GKB conferences, please let either Stefanie or Mindy know so that you can attend the GKB training that will be held on Monday March 22, 2010 from 6-8pm here at CRCC. Hope to see some of you at the training and upcoming conferences!


  1. Is there an alternate training time available? I'm in class from 6-8pm on the 22nd. I'd like to participate in some way if possible.

  2. Stefanie WorkmanMarch 9, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your interest. We are currently planning on just offering the one training. Unfortunately, every time we offer this training, there are usually a couple of people who are interested but cannot attend due to a schedule conflict - there never seems to be a day and time that fits everyone's schedule. Maybe next time!

  3. Stefanie, I suppose I'll have to skip class then (which is alright - first day back from break)! Is there an e-mail address I could contact you at, or would this suffice as a means to RSVP that I'll attend training? Thanks!