Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Healing Images from the CRCC Art Studio

from Claire Campbell MA,AT,PC;NCC, Child and Family Therapeutic Services Coordinator

As many of you know, the CRCC offers the use of the expressive therapies in our clinical work with survivors of sexual assault. This approach provides an opportunity for clients to engage both verbally and non-verbally to assist in the transforming of ideas, thoughts and feelings. This expressive approach to therapy includes opportunities such as creating journals, altered book projects, sculpting, painting, collage, breath work, movement and therapeutic play. Each client is supported to work in a way that feels comfortable, safe and present centered.

The images following are just a handful of the countless transformations that happen daily at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. May you be inspired by the healing images and continue the incredible work you do as volunteers advocating and supporting survivors of sexual violence!

Acrylics, recycled book - 14 year old survivor - Altered Book Project

This project focuses on a client's strengths and abilities to transform an object ... to retell or rewrite their story.

Acrylics on canvas - CRCC staff and children at Camp Create 2009
This collaborative project allows for a shared experience including each individual contribution to the greater good. This image now has a permanent home in the CRCC's child and family waiting room.

Watercolors on paper - Camp Create Participants - Inspired by Nature Project
This project allows participants to focus in on their sense of sight and be influenced by the beauty around them at Camp. This is a non-threatening approach to introducing Campers to the landscape on their first day of Camp Create.

Sand tray, popsicle sticks, marbles, etc. - 4 year old survivor - Sand Tray Work
This type of expressive therapy allows a defined space for clients to explore feelings and problem solve in a contained, safe and therapeutic environment. This particular client found great satisfaction ordering, controlling and designing each object in the sand tray each session she visited.

Acrylic on canvas - 11 year old survivor - Layered Painting project
This project allows clients opportunities to explore all the layers of experiences that they have and an acknowledgement that one experience does not define a person.

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