Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogging 101: What does it mean to leave a comment? How is this done?

Upon reaching the CRCC blog and browsing for a bit, we hope that you will leave a comment or two on some of the postings you have read. A comment does not have to be anything fancy – it can simply be a reaction, question, or response you have regarding a post you have read.

How to Leave a Comment
Make sure you have followed the steps outlined in the previous posting. You must have a Blogger account and be signed-in in order to leave comments. So sign in, and make your way from the Dashboard to the actual CRCC blog.

At the bottom of each posting you will see a line that says “Posted by (name) at (time)” Follow along that line to the right side of the post and you’ll see the word “0 Comments” or, if others have already left a comment, it may say “2 Comments”, etc.

Click on the word “0 Comments”, and you will be directed to a new page. A white text box will appear under the words “Post a Comment”. Type whatever you want to say in that box.

Click the button that says “Post Comment” to submit your comment, or click “Preview” to see how your comment will look once it is posted.

PLEASE NOTE that all comments are moderated by Wendy Hanna. This means that when you click “Post Comment”, what you wrote will not immediately pop up on the screen. Wendy will read your comment, approve it, and at that time it will be viewable by all. So be patient and very soon, your comment should be on the blog!

Voila – you’ve just mastered the basics of blogging, and are ready to be an avid participant on the CRCC blog (which I hope you all will be!)

10/7/09 ADDENDUM
One of our volunteers, Tim Hemphill, helpfully noticed and suggested a way to leave comments without signing up for a Blogger account. When you are finished typing your comment in the text box, look beneath it and click on the pull-down menu next to the words "Comment As". You will see a list of different websites and applications, such as LiveJournal and AIM. If you have an active account with one of the sites listed, you may use that sign-in information to leave a comment. Just select the site you belong to, and click "Post Comment". You will be prompted to sign-in to your LiveJournal or AIM account, for example, and once this is done your comment will post (pending approval from Wendy!)

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