Thursday, October 15, 2009

Self-Care: Begin Again

from Claire Campbell, Child & Family Therapeutic Services Coordinator


The time of year when the light is especially nice, the shadows long, and crisp autumn air abounds. The memory of summer barbeque, endless, bright days and swimming pools make way for the scent of fire ablaze, rustling leaves and the cool darkness to begin creeping in. I have always found the seasonal shift especially potent; a time to reflect, renew, slow down and begin again.

And so, I have considered what this shift into Fall can mean for clients and all of us working to help others. Recognizing and transitioning gracefully with change is an enormous task in our hurried and busied lives. Add in trauma, and this task can easily feel like a mountain to climb. Being mindful of nature’s cue and embracing the endless rhythms and cycles is one way I illustrate and make sense out of change.

Change is all around us.

The ancient wisdom of endless change can be a wonderful gift for anyone curious and willing, to unwrap and discover. I often put forth the ideas of growth and renewal in the work I do with families, and rely on many examples to back up these sometimes seemingly momentous tasks of ‘moving through’ and beginning to heal. In my work with traumatized children and families, looking out my office window at the CRCC is an easy and obvious way we can notice the changes that are happening all around us, every moment.

In the art studio, layering a canvas with thoughts and feelings followed by color after color of paint can begin to transform the hurt into healing. A shifting of the body, our posture or muscles and the way we hold them tight can be changed to relax and notice the difference.

I am hopeful that as the beauty of fall unfolds, each one of us can take a moment each day to stop and notice the changes around us. The decision to shift and move with change is a choice I believe we can all consider.

Feeling connected to the changes around us can keep us in the present, instead of time and life moving too quickly, or out of our grasp.

Reflect, renew, slow down, breathe and begin again.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who give of their time to support others. Keep up the amazing work!

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