Thursday, October 29, 2009

Self Care: I Bet Colby Can Make You Smile!

from Janet Boehler, Face to Face Advocate since 2005

Colby is a one year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She came into our lives (and stole our hearts) December 8,2008. Colby was born in Nebraska.

Colby and I are currently in training for Colby to be a therapy dog. Colby has visited University Hospitals since she was a puppy and has the ideal personality to be a therapy dog! After we are certified I would like to bring her along for a F2F call, she gives lots of love and great hugs which a survivor can definitely use at a traumatic time.

Colby is small for a Chessie-she only weighs 50 lbs-but her size makes her swim like a speed boat and run like a rocket. Colby is very kind, obsessed with retrieving but by far her all time favorite is dock diving in Canada on the French River. She has no fear, she was going off 10-12 ft cliffs without any hesitation; she swims and dives for hours on end. We are going to join Buckeye Dock Divers so we can play with other water and diving addicted dogs.

One look into her beautiful golden eyes and you would love her in an instant!

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