Friday, October 30, 2009

Can You Make a Connection for Us?

from Sondra Miller, Vice President of Community Engagement

Do you know anyone who teaches in a K-2nd grade classroom in Cuyahoga County? Do you know a guidance counselor or principal that oversees K-2 classrooms? Do you have children in an elementary or primary school? If so, would you be willing to make a connection on CRCC’s behalf?

We are trying to get our “Three Kinds of Touches” program into new school districts (public, private, charter). A flyer for the program is attached. In summary, a CRCC representative visits K-2 classrooms to talk about child sexual abuse in an age-appropriate way. Teachers usually recognize the need to talk about this in classrooms, but are often reluctant to bring the topic up themselves. That’s where CRCC can help! With the teacher in the room, we present the topic and answer children’s questions. We make this easier on the teacher and there is no cost to the school.

You can help by forwarding the name and contact information of teachers or school administrators you know who might be interested. Feel free to get their permission first. You can even forward the attached information to them and ask them to contact us directly.

We have contracted with Samantha (Sami) Bevis to facilitate this program in the classrooms. Sami will not be keeping office hours at CRCC, but will be checking messages at ext. 124 daily. You can always forward inquiries to me too.

Thanks for your help spreading the word about this much-needed program!

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