Monday, October 5, 2009

From a Fellow Advocate

From Holly Kossover, Hotline and F2F Advocate since Fall 2006 Like most of my classmates waiting for class to start, I paged through the Daily Kent Stater, just sort of scanning the articles. I don't think that the majority of people realize that most sexual assaults happen to someone that the survivor knows.

When I spotted the article, "It Was Stolen From Me", it really hit home. I don't know Denise Wright, and I can't begin to comprehend the courage it must have taken to not just write this article but know it was going to be published in a college newspaper. Not only did she put her story out there with her name attached, but she encourages people to email her. I hope that this article helps people understand how prevalent sexual assault is, and how detrimental the effects can be.

While not every sexual assault can be prevented, she does include a few good tips. I really love that she never seems to blame herself in this article (something I tend to deal with a lot on the Hotline). While I'm sure the article does not contain anything new or groundbreaking, I thought others might appreciate hearing this strong young woman's tale.

I'd like to add a thumbs up to Kent State for publishing this piece and acknowledging that sexual assault is a problem everywhere - including on their campus!

It Happened to Me

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