Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Support Groups Begin

from Allison Hrovat, Adult Therapeutic Services Coordinator

After taking the summer off to move and get settled into our new home, I am happy to report that we have recently started up our survivor support groups here at our new home. Our survivor support groups offer participants a chance to meet other survivors in a safe, therapeutic environment where they can support one another in working towards personal goals.

The support groups are most appropriate for survivors who have had the opportunity to do some work in individual therapy and are now looking for an opportunity to focus on some aspect of how each person’s trauma history impacts their life in the present. Some common themes that arise in these present-centered support groups include relationship issues, communication concerns, difficulties dealing with family, self-esteem problems, anxiety, boundary issues, etc. Though many common themes emerge, each group member sets her/ his own goal to work towards during the 12- week group module.

I’ve been so excited to get this round of groups going. We’ve had a lot of interest in support groups over the summer and many people have been patiently waiting for group to start. In our old space we had only one official group room and here in the new space we have more spaces available for that purpose, so I’m really hoping that our support groups will only continue to become more and more popular.

I oftentimes get calls from people who have heard about our support groups through calling the hotline, so thank you all for your part in getting the word out about this program. I’ve recently created a new flyer promoting our survivor support groups and thought I’d share it with you here:

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