Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sexual Violence Prevention on College Campuses

from Sondra Miller, Director of Education, Outreach and Community Partnerships

We’ve all heard the statistics that women of college-age are most at risk of being raped, so of course CRCC is working with local campuses to prevent sexual violence. Alex Leslie is our resident expert at working with the college population. Here’s a quick list of things he’s working on:

· Partnered with John Carroll University and Domestic Violence Center on the university’s new Safe Space: Violence Prevention and Action Center

· Co-facilitate John Carroll’s 1 in 4 program for college men interested in sexual violence prevention

· Train Case peer educators on how to talk to fellow students about sexual violence prevention

· Presented to John Carroll’s football and men’s soccer teams

· Worked with women’s group POWRE on Baldwin-Wallace College’s campus to expand outreach

· Led a prevention committee convened as a part of the Ohio Campus Safety Task Force, sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Women’s Initiatives

· Presented at the Ohio campus safety conference as a panelist addressing prevention efforts

Do you have ideas about people, campuses or organizations that we can partner with to reach more college students? We’d love to hear them!

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